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Hongbin Zhao - One of China's most renowned Masters of contemporary Art

By World Artists Federation, The World Chinese Entrepreneurs Association in October 2010

"World Artist" China's special issue promotes national culture through Chinese calligraphy and painting that demonstrates international essence of world's art theme, a new perspective of representing the most promising contemporary artists of style with top potential and competency. Build the Art world's "Star of Hope". Highlight the works of artist in the international art market and solidify the artist's position in the foundation art industry.

From our depth observation of the artworks of Hongbin Zhao, his decades of creation and exploration in Fine Art demonstrates solid skills and artistic creativities. Especially the children related topics of artwork are renowned worldwide. The artwork emits rays of vibrant colors that are full of sunshine and life force, his figures has subtle expressions that are elegant in style with a purifying mood, they are structured and defined in compositions. Overall the artworks demonstrate a sense of simplicity yet with rich layers of performance, the figures are realistic, vivid, the image of children seamlessly integrates with natural landscapes creating a kind of elegant, serene, beautiful, subtle, quiet and harmonious aesthetic taste, from the macro point of view giving a strong visual impact, this is the distinctive feature shown in Artist Hongbin Zhao’s artwork. His creative techniques to express the essence of shape, divine, spirit, emotion and meaning are ultimate; they fully demonstrate the richest connotations of Oriental Art; indeed he is an artist with the most potential, most powerful abilities and with the most collectable market value. Thus in terms of his artistic skills, artistic accomplishment, Artistic qualifications, creative performance and other aspects of comprehensive are considerated among the best in the Fine Art industry. As a result Zhao is one of the representative artist that will imprint significant and far-reaching effects in the Chinese Contemporary Art. Zhao is kindly invited to be the art Advisor of the special edition of "World Artist" and he will be included as the cover figure of the book among the other top five Masters in China. Cover figure includes: Liu Dawei, Hongbin Zhao, Xugao Yu, Shangyi Jin, Jianjun Zhan.


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