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Hongbin Zhao "Talk with the Angles" Series

Golden Seashore Black Swan

Hongbin Zhao's artworks softly blends figures of realism with a touch of impressionism. He has been regarded as “Monet of the Orient” by the authoritative Japanese Fine Arts Publication <<Monthly Fine Art>>. He is also known as a magician of light, shadow and colors. Despite the vast variety of subjects that he paints from figurative to landscapes to still life, his popular series “Talk with the Angels” is one of the first unique creations in the world. The series explore the topic of love and compassion through angelic children, family and the beauty of nature. "I believe that the core of Fine Arts is virtue, My mission as artist is to offer the world art that expresses light, hope, dream, peace, love and compassion." "Talk With the Angles" series has over 43 different limited editions released. HZ International Fine Arts will continue to release more of Hongbin Zhao's master pieces in other series. Please joint our mailing list to be prompted with new releases updates. (Send your email or contacts to


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