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"Three great artists works: Liu Dawei, Zao Wou-ki, Hongbin Zhao"published

The book "Three great artists works: Liu Dawei, Zao Wou-ki, Hongbin Zhao" was published in January 2011 , by the China Culture History press , distrubuted nationally by Xinhua Bookstore.   Foreword to the book stated, "This book is a collection of China's most representative, most collectible , and most influential painters , who are the leaders and masters in  painting and calligraphy industry and advocators of Chinese culture. They had made significant contributions to the Chinese art history. Liu Dawei : a professor and director of PLA Art Academy of Fine Arts , Vice President of China Culture Association , and President of China Artists Association Zao Wou-ki : Chinese- French painter , is a life-long French gallery artists , decorative arts colleges and universities in Paris , National Professor by the French Knight of the Order . Hongbin Zhao : an representative and o utstanding overseas Chinese artist,     "

Hongbin Zhao invited to contemporary fine art masters exhibition in Beijing Jinshang Museum

2011 Contemporary Art masters exhibition was held  from January 20 to January 24 2011 in Beijing Jinshang Museum by t he publisher of " Art Market " magazine , a core journal sponsored by China State Ministry of Culture . Painter Zhao Hongbin was invited to participate this exhibition. The exhibition is organized by the Art Market magazine , inviting 10 influential contemporary masters in oil painting and 10 masters in trditional Chinese painting in the current China's contemporary art market . The most acclaimed painters including Zhang Zuying , Zhao Hongbin , Yang Feiyun , Liyan Zhou , Qi Dongw ang and so on were invited. A Book titled " Collection of contemporary art masters ," published during the exhibition.