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Hongbin Zhao "Talk with the Angles" Series

Golden Seashore Black Swan Hongbin Zhao's artworks softly blends figures of realism with a touch of impressionism. He has been regarded as “Monet of the Orient” by the authoritative Japanese Fine Arts Publication <<Monthly Fine Art>>. He is also known as a magician of light, shadow and colors. Despite the vast variety of subjects that he paints from figurative to landscapes to still life, his popular series “Talk with the Angels” is one of the first unique creations in the world. The series explore the topic of love and compassion through angelic children, family and the beauty of nature. "I believe that the core of Fine Arts is virtue, My mission as artist is to offer the world art that expresses light, hope, dream, peace, love and compassion." "Talk With the Angles" series has over 43 different limited editions

Hongbin Zhao : Biography

In Japan, he is known as - “Monet of the Orient” In Australia, he is described as - "21st Century Outstanding Artist" In China, he is dubbed as - “Painter of Idyllic Heavenly Scenery” In Singapore, he is called as -" Magician of Light, Shadow and Colors" Hongbin Zhao was born in Shanghai 1952. He studied Fine Art Research in Shanghai JiaoTong University and worked as an art editor and chief editor in pictorial magazines. Since 1974, many of his paintings have been exhibited over eight times in China's National Museums from Beijing to Shanghai. Many of his artworks were also published in China's national newspapers, magazines, calendars and books. Zhao migrated to Australia in 1988 and later became a worldwide active professional full time artist. His pa

JESSIE ZHAO "Light, Color and Shadow" Series

Jessie Zhao's artwork explores the process and the way of how we see through light, color and shadow. She works from direct observational experience and later on readjust the work from memory. It is a process of communication by perceiving and recording the perceptual world, combining memory and sensation, invention and observation. It is a continual combination of both intuitive and rational decision-making. Her topics various from Seascape, figurative, Venice, Streetscape and still life. Please visit here more Jessie Zhao's artworks.

Jessie Zhao : Biography

Jessie Zhao received Master of Fine Art and Bachelor of Fine Art in Australia, She has won numerous awards including Four First Prizes and a Gold Metal in Australian Art Competitions. She is a finalist in 2005 and 2006 Portia Geach Memorial Award; 2006 Metro 5 Award finalists; 2006 First Prize “People’s Choice Award”, Australia Amnesty International Freedom, 2006 “People’s Choice Award” Salon De Refuse, exhibited in Crown Casino, her work is published in Taiwan High School Fine Art Text Book in 2007. Collectors include well-known celebrity Tony Jones,host of ABC's ' Nightline ' late-night News.

Hongbin Zhao & Jessie Zhao -- The Father & Daughter show in New York Art Expo

Invites to New York Art Expo 2010 HZ International Fine Arts would like to invite you to the New York Art Expo, March 25-28, 2010 | PIER 94 on the Hudson River. Hongbin Zhao & Jessie Zhao The Father & Daughter show Booth No # 920 Our featured Master painter Hongbin Zhao has been leading the trend of art in Asia, he was the only VIP featured guest artist invited by the Major International Art Fair in Asia. Guang Zhou Daily News regards him as The leader and the loyal guardian of traditional art that dominated the mainstream of 2009's Art trend. Hongbin Zhao has also recently been included in the major book "Sixty years, Six artist" published by China Culture Administration Society and sponsored by China's major national Media network CCTV. The book which has stirred a big impact in the society summarizes the six master artists that has set the blue print of