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Hongbin Zhao : Biography

In Japan, he is known as

- “Monet of the Orient”

In Australia, he is described as

- "21st Century Outstanding Artist"

In China, he is dubbed as

- “Painter of Idyllic Heavenly Scenery”

In Singapore, he is called as

-" Magician of Light, Shadow and Colors"

Hongbin Zhao was born in Shanghai 1952. He studied Fine Art Research in Shanghai JiaoTong University and worked as an art editor and chief editor in pictorial magazines. Since 1974, many of his paintings have been exhibited over eight times in China's National Museums from Beijing to Shanghai. Many of his artworks were also published in China's national newspapers, magazines, calendars and books. Zhao migrated to Australia in 1988 and later became a worldwide active professional full time artist. His paintings are collected by both the private sector and world renowned organizations throughout the world.

    • Won over 40 First Awards in Australian National Art Competitions

    • Solo Exhibition worldwide, Japan alone over 80 Solo exhibitions

    • Exhibited in over 15 different Museums and National Galleries

    • Included in over 30 books and biographies, included the major book “Sixty Years, Six Artist” , "Three Masters of Chinese oil Painting ", "Ten of China's most influential figures in Calligraphy and Painting", “New Leader figures: the most influential masters in China’s Contemporary Arts”, "50 Australian Artists", , "Who's Who in the World", "500 Leaders of Influence", etc

    • Interviewed by numerous major International medias: newspaper/magazine/ TV

    • Two featured Television programs were made about Hongbin that were broadcasted internationally

    • Awarded "Honorary Doctorate of Arts" in 2006 by the Yorker International University, USA.

    • First Class Artist Appointed by State of China to provide gifts for State guests.


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